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Botox is the top rated facial cosmetic, non-surgical treatment around the world and is unquestionably an amazing procedure to help combat the aging process.

The key to achieving proper botox injection results is to choose an expert injector. Proper botox injection techniques should result in a younger, smother appearance, while at the same time preserving a natural amount of facial expression.


Botox treats facial lines and wrinkles that are caused by movement, smoothing them out to create a youthful appearance. Botox treatments particularly target lines found on the forehead (worry lines), frown lines (glabella region), crow’s feet or smile lines around the sides of the eyes and even lines on the neck, masseters for clenching and face slimming.

Botox is also popular to be used as a preventative measure against aging. Patients who begin to use Botox in their 20’s and 30’s will have less fine lines and wrinkles appear in the Botox targeted areas because the muscles will be relaxed and unable to produce those wrinkles. Botox is Botulinum toxin, Type A and has been in use for many decades. It is a purified, natural protein whose uses range widely from treating migraines, to stopping muscle spasms in children and adults, to reducing excessive sweating in the underarms or on the hands.

In facial cosmetic procedures, it is the number 1 top rated non surgical treatment because it is so easy and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles so effectively. Botox on average lasts for about 3 to 4 months.

Botox is not recommended for use in females who are pregnant or nursing as there are no documented clinical studies. Clients who have a neuromuscular disease should obtain consent from their family doctor prior to treatment.

Other Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatment Uses for Botox

Although Botox can be used to treat migraines, TMJ and excessive sweating, one of the newest, progressive uses of Botox is a treatment called Masseter Botox. This is a very specialized technique that reduces the bulk of the jaw. Aesthetically, this non surgical procedure creates a more attractive oval or heart-shaped face. The process is simply that the Botox weakens the masseter- a chewing muscle- that often adds bulk and squareness to a jaw line. By injecting Botox over time into this muscle, it will shrink, causing the jaw line and the face to take on a more refined look. The masseter Botox

method is effective and provides astonishing results. The key to success as with all treatments is to ensure that your injector is qualified.


Safest Non Surgical Treatment

Botox is one of the safest non surgical treatments performed. It is temporary, which can be helpful to alleviate patient concerns. The number one adverse event is a droopy eyelid or a heavy brow. Causes and treatment of these temporary side effects are minimal and temporary discussed at your initial consultation.


“ Dollar per Unit Charge VS “Per Area” Charge

Classically and currently, the Botox price is quoted in dollars per unit. The general cost is $10 per unit.

We can also offer a price “per area” charge instead. This enables the whole target area to be treated appropriately and is based on results. We express using several muscle groups working in synchronicity and choosing one area over another area is usually what results in less than ideal results (eg. avatar look, intimidating spock brows, vacant eyes with no expression, flat brow)

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